Adolescent Therapy

I enjoy working with adolescents and have many years of experience in helping my teen clients feel better.  Some of my most courageous and honest clients have been adolescents!I talk with them about what they would like to change in their lives and we work out a plan  to help them get there. 


The First Session

Many of my adolescent clients have never been to counseling before and are unsure what to expect.  My first session, I like to meet with my client and one parent or primary caregiver for the first 10 minutes of the session.  Then, if my client feels comfortable, we can talk individually to talk about what is bothering them, what they would like to change, and so on.  I let them know that after the first session they can go home and talk with their parents if they would like to meet with me again and they can schedule additional sessions.  It is important for everyone to know that the adolescent is my client which means I work for them, advocating, supporting, and focusing on their treatment goals!


Privacy in Counseling

Your trust in me is crucial for the counseling process to work.  I am required to share information with parents in situations where a person is going to hurt themselves, plans to harm another person, or knows of someone who is being harmed.  Whenever possible, I like to talk with my clients before the information is shared so there are no surprises.